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Overcoming Prejudice in the Creation/Evolution Debate
Chiang, R. Gary

This book deals with the evolution/creation debate at its most fundamental level by examining how theories are formed. It is assumed that theories are logical deductions based on fact. But Dr. Chiang demonstrates that more than logic goes into a theory. There is a bias which is not simply objective but has a large measure of emotion in it, transforming the objective bias into a prejudice. This prejudice complicates discussion because of its "unreasonable" nature. Resolutions of debates, whether within Science or Christianity or whether between them, will require recognition of the role of prejudice in guiding us towards Truth. It is a foundational book in understanding how we, as human beings, interpret facts to support our views of reality. If honestly read, you may discover your own prejudices!

This book is used as a textbook in a university-level faith and science course, and will serve as a valuable resource for Christian teachers and for church leaders.

200 pp., plus 30 figures/pictures including a computer generated colour picture of the Shroud of Turin as it would have appeared prior to the 1532 fire.

Indexed ISBN: 0-919857-67-1

Price: $44.95 (US) $44.95 (CDN) including shipping and handling.

While this book is NOT available online, the table of contents and a sample chapter may be viewed here.
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