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Product 23

EBOOK - PDF - Is Man an Animal?

Theistic evolution describes Adam’s body originating from an ape-like pre-man, and without the breath of God, it would have remained in its animal state. But Genesis states that Adam’s body, into which God breathed, was formed directly from the dust of the earth.

In this work, Dr. Custance sheds light on this debate by showing that the human body had to be uniquely created from the dust of the earth because it was to become a “house” for God Himself to be manifested in the flesh as man, without violence being done to His own Person as God.

When man and beast are compared without having to peer through the fog of evolution, it is clearly seen that the Incarnation really demands a uniqueness in the constitution of man, which puts him in a category by himself completely separated from all other animal forms.

Many Christians accept theistic evolution because they have been trained to accept scientific opinion over scientific evidence, and mythology over fact. However, theistic evolution makes the sacrifice of God, Himself, a metaphorical add-on to a religious ideology. This book is a valuable resource to encourage Christians to stand firm on the Word of God.

Doorway Publications, Ancaster, ON.., 178 pp, 178 pp, PDF in 5.83x6 inch paper format. ISBN: 978-0919857-82-7

Price: $14.99 (US). PDF file will be released upon payment.

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