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Product 24

The Mysterious Matter of Mind, Second Edition

This book received raved reviews when it first appeared in 1980, and it has become one of Dr. Custance’s top selling works. In this short book, Custance provides the intriguing evidence that our minds exist separate from the physical and chemical processes in our brains. He describes how notable psychologists and neurosurgeons changed their opinions about the relationship between the Brain and the Mind, and were forced by the scientific evidence to accept the fact that our minds influence our brains and not vice versa.

As Dr. Custance notes, Sir John Eccles eventually came to realize that mind and brain are clearly distinct.
Eccles even ventured to equate the self-conscious mind with an entity called soul.

Originally commissioned by Probe Ministries, and used as supplemental reading in university/college level
psychology courses, this book continues to serve this purpose in this new, updated edition.

Doorway Publications, Ancaster, ON, Canada.
98 pp., soft cover
ISBN: 978-0919857-83-4
Price: $14.95 (US)
For volume discounts, contact Doorway Publications at doorway.publications@gmail.com

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