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Product 27

Vol. II, The Doorway Papers Series: Genesis and Early Man, Second Edition

Evolution is so entrenched in present-day academia that some bible-believing Christians are beginning to question the historicity of Adam and Eve.

In this book, Custance shows that the examination of the fossil evidence of early man, in light of anthropological studies on the present state of ‘primitive cultures,’ is best explained, scientifically, by the existence of a real Adam and Eve, Noah’s Flood, and the spread of humanity over the earth after the flood. When viewed from a creationist’s perspective, this evidence reinforces ones confidence in the Genesis account of origins.

In this collection of Doorway Papers, Custance challenges head-on the biases of evolutionary anthropologists and biologists, and demonstrates how the facts fully support, and are fully supported by, the biblical description of human origins.

Doorway Publications, Ancaster, ON, Canada.
284 pp, 8.5x11 paper format, spiral-bound for ease of studying.
ISBN: 978-0919857-84-1
Price: $39.95 (US)
For volume discounts, contact Doorway Publications atdoorway.publications@gmail.com

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