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Product 30

Vol. IV, The Doorway Papers Series: Evolution or Creation?

Volume IV of the Doorway Papers is on the subject of Origins, particularly the origin of the earth, of monotheism, and of man himself.

In dealing with the question of the age of the earth and how it came into being, four alternative views are presented with one being discussed in depth ("The Preparation of the Earth Before Man").

Two Papers show that the evidence does not support the evolutionary view in the matter of the origin of religion ("Primitive Monotheism and the Origin of Polytheism") and in the origin of Man ("Convergence and the Origin of Man").

One Paper ("The Survival of the UN-fit") demonstrates the irrationality of the evolutionary faith in the 'survival of the fittest'.

The final Paper, "Is Man an Animal?" answers a very important question often overlooked by the serious student. It shows that Man is not merely quantitatively different from all other creatures as evolution depicts, but is qualitatively different.

Spiral bound, 8.5 x 11 inche format.
Price: $39.95.
For volume discounts, email us at doorway.publications@gmail.com

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