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Product 47

The Holy Shroud of Turin: A Genuine Artifact of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

“This profoundly insightful and empowering book on the Holy Shroud of Turin is the type of literature in form and substance that comes along just a few times in a generation... Gary Chiang uses his scientific and theological gifts of understanding to remind us that God is the very essence of life.” (Rob Faw, Director, Investech Foundation, Florida)

In this book, Dr. Chiang follows the Custance approach of bringing Science and Scripture together to identify intriguing links between the image of a crucified man on an ancient linen cloth, the existence of a real Adam and Eve, the Virgin Birth and events related to the burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Assuming the traditional burial cloth of Christ to be authentic, he considers what this informs us about the relationship between the natural and supernatural worlds and how these worlds interface. Whether the Shroud is new to you, or whether you have followed its developments over several decades, this work will excite you. It satisfies the curious, and provides hope to those seeking a real spirituality in a materialistic world.

Price includes $10 US for shipping in Canada and USA. Please add $15 US for shipping outside Canada and USA.

5.5 X 8 inch paper back format. 225 pages, 9 figures

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