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Product 5

Two Men Called Adam, Fourth Edition

In this last book Dr. Custance was to write, he summarizes his understanding of Redemption that can be gained by bringing together the established facts of Science and the revealed truths of Scripture.
Subsequent editions have expanded on his thoughts by adding notes he made in his master copy. This book is a must read for those who feel saddened by the eager acceptance of Theistic Evolution or Evolutionary Creationism by Christian academics and their willingness to dismiss Adam and Eve as metaphors or analogies rather than being real individuals as portrayed in Genesis.

Edited by E.M. White and R.G. Chiang

Doorway Publications, Ancaster, ON, Canada, 4th edition, 2000

359 pp, indexed, ISBN 978-0919857-80-3

Price: $15.95 (US). When checking out, click on shipping location to add shipping costs.

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