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Arthur C. Custance

A fresh look at the creation / evolution controversy from a different point of view: using not only biological data
but also




    This is a study of Origins: but it is not an either/or debate about the method of man's origin — whether by creation or evolution.
    The basic issue is not simply the method but rather the nature that is being originated, the kind of creature man is — whether by creation or evolution.
     But what has been overlooked in this controversey (and what complicates it immensely) is the fact that we have not merely one man to account for, but two — both of whom are called Adam. And these two men, the Adam of Eden and the Adam of Bethlehem, stand in direct apposition to each other: each being a prototype and a representative of the other, of trure Man. Whatever we can say with certainty about the Last Adam must be assumed for the First Adam as originally formed whether by creation or by evolution.

     In this controversy regarding the origin and nature of man's BODY, only the biological data are are considered: it is the theological data which are being ignored.
     This data insists that the Plan of Redemption hinges upon the relationship of these two men called Adam, both as to body and nature. Not just any kind of body will suffice.
     Believers need to know why it is so damaging to the Christian Faith to allow an evolutionary origin of man's BODY. To allow such an origin is to divorce the Incarnation from its redemptive purpose, reducing the life and death of Jesus Christ to one of tragedy rather than triumph. His virgin conception and bodily resurrection become meaningless since there is not rational necessity for either of them.
     Thus the derivation of the human body is crucial, for the Plan of Redemption depends upon the kind of body possessed by these two men, the First and the Last Adam.






 Chap. 1

The Problem Stated
Part I — Embodiment: and The Incarnation
2 Embodiment
3 The Human Body
4 The Immortality of a Human Body
5 A Woman Born of a Man
6 Death: A Fact of Life?
7 The Constitution of Man: Where One + One = One
8 How Did I Come to be Me?
9 The Ghost in the Machine
10 A House in Ruins
11 A House of Glory
12 The Invisible Becomes Visible
Part II — Embodiment: and Redemption
13 Two Men: Two Adams
14 The Dying of Man
15 The Dying of Jesus Christ
16 The Man Who Raised Himself from the Dead
17 We, Too!
18 Cause and Effect

1983 published by Doorway Publications
1997 published online
2001 2nd Online Edition, edited and re-formatted

Copyright © 1988 Evelyn White. All rights reserved

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