Science, Theology and the Turin Shroud

Science, Theology and the Turin Shroud
2019 International Conference on the Shroud of Turin

Wednesday, August 14, to Saturday, August 17, 2019


Redeemer University College, 777 Garner Rd E, Ancaster, ON, Canada, L9K1J4


  • Toronto International Airport (YYZ) is 70 km or a 50 minute drive.
  • Hamilton International Airport (YHM) is 10 km or a 10 minute drive.
  • Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) is 140 km or a 90 minute drive.


On campus accommodation is available through Conference Services at Redeemer. For type of accommodation and pricing, go to:
Off campus accommodations include several nearby inns, motels, hotels, and B&B’s.

Information for Presenters

A presentation can be a 20-minute oral presentation, or a poster measuring 3 feet wide by 4 feet long.

To be considered for a presentation, the presenter needs to submit an abstract by May 13, 2019 of no more than 300 words. An abstract has:

  • (i) a title,
  • (ii) the name and contact information of the presenter or presenters,
  • (iii) an indication of whether this abstract is for an oral presentation or poster,
  • (iv) a 300 word description of the focus and aim of the presentation,
  • (v) an indication of the best category in which your presentation should be grouped.
    1. History of the Turin Shroud
    2. Scientific Facts of the Turin Shroud
    3. Religious Faith and the Turin Shroud
    4. Public Presentations of the Turin Shroud
    5. Explaining the Image on the Turin Shroud
    6. Conceptions and misconceptions of the Turin Shroud
    7. New Horizons for the Turin Shroud
    8. Other [please provide a category]

Submit abstracts to [email protected] by May 13, 2019.

All presentations (except keynote addresses) are limited to 20 minutes. Presenters who need more time may opt for two consecutive 20 minute slots, but each requires its own abstract and a title specific to the presentation.

Poster presentations are 3 feet wide by 4 feet long and can be created using software, such as Power Point or Presentations, where a single slide is constructed to include the thoughts/ideas of the author. Lettering on the poster should be large enough to be read from about 3 feet away. Each poster will have printed on it the title and contact information, the abstract (approved by the conference organizers, as done for oral presentations), an Introduction, Methods, Results and Conclusion sections. More information is available by contacting the organizers at [email protected]. A session will be devoted to allow registrants to read the posters and to question the author(s). Absentees can submit a poster in Microsoft PowerPoint format which the organizers will print and display during the conference (for a cost of $125.00)


The goal of this conference is two-fold: first, to summarize and evaluate the large amount of work that has been done on the Holy Shroud, and second, to encourage continual studies on the Holy Shroud. To accomplish this aim any topic of academic study will be considered. This range could include science, theology, history, sociology, and even cosmology, provided the presenters offer insights into the nature of the Holy Shroud and/or its impact on society.

Registration Costs

(Prices are in USD, and include light refreshments Wednesday night; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday and Friday; breakfast and lunch on Saturday)

Full Conference:

  • Participant and/or attendee, $295.00
  • Spouse, $135.00
  • Student, $135.00
  • Senior (65+), $175.00

Single Day Registration (Thurs, Fri, or Sat):

  • Participant and/or attendee, $110.00
  • Spouse, $65.00
  • Student, $45.00
  • Senior (65+), $65.00

Poster Presentation for Absentees: $110.00
(Price includes printing and displaying the poster. A poster needs to be submitted as a Microsoft PowerPoint slide. Other registrants can bring and set up their already printed poster at no extra charge.)


Morning Keynote Addresses (open to registrants only)

Thursday (9:00-10:15)

Joe Nickell, Senior Research Fellow for the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry (CSI) and noted Shroud skeptic. Presentation, to be announced.

Friday (9:00-10:15)

Robert (Bob) A. Rucker, worked in the nuclear industry for 38 years in advanced nuclear reactor design, statistical analysis of measurement data for fissile material inventories, and critical safety for fissile material production and handling. Bob has been researching and promoting the Shroud of Turin full time since early 2014, and organized the 2017 International Shroud Conference in Pasco, Washington. He will update us on the status of the Shroud Research Network including such topics as: radiation, image formation, statistical analysis, and the neutron absorption hypothesis.

Evening Keynote Addresses, 7:00-9:00 (also open to non-registrants by donation only):

For non-registrants attending, by donation only, an Evening Keynote Address: Please indicate which of the following you plan to attend by emailing us at [email protected]

  • Wed at 7:00, Russ Breault, Founder of the Shroud of Turin Education Project. Presentation, CSI Jerusalem: The Case of the Missing Body
  • Thurs at 7:00, Joe Marino, a former Benedictine monk, has been studying the Shroud of Turin since 1977. He and his late wife, M. Sue Benford, presented a paper at the Sindone 2000 World Congress in Orvieto, Italy, hypothesizing that the 1988 radiocarbon dating was skewed by an undetected sixteenth-century repair in the sample area. Joe will provide a history and status of this Invisible Re-weave Theory, and will describe the critical assumptions associated with the Turin Shroud radiocarbon dating.
  • Friday at 7:00, Barrie Schwortz, Official Documenting Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP). Presentation, STURP 1978: Scientific Examination of the Shroud.