Journey Out of Time

A Study of the Interval Between Death and the Resurrection of the Body
  • Nature of Time
  • Nature of Man
  • Nature of the Interval

The Mysterious Matter of Mind

The Mind/Brain Problem
  • Descartes' answer
  • The scientific answer questioned by evidence from neurophysiology
  • The problem re-stated

The Seed of the Woman

What God Had To Do To Make Our Salvation Possible
  • The Intrusion of Death
  • Seed of the Woman
  • When the Word Became Flesh
  • Triumph over Death

Sovereignty of Grace

A Study of Election and Predestination

  • Historical Survey
  • Theology of Grace
  • Implications for Daily Life
  • Election and Evangelism
  • Future of the non-Elect

Two Men Called Adam

A Fresh Look at the Creation/Evolution Controversy: From the Data of both Biology and Theology

Origins determined by the significance of embodiment and the part played by the body in redemption.

Without Form and Void

A Study of the Meaning of the Hebrew Words of Genesis 1:1 and 2

The meaning determined not by geological evidence but by linguistic evidence.

Does Science Transcend Culture?

Ph.D. Thesis

This is a study of whether Science DOES transcend Culture naturally -- not whether it CAN do so.