Why Noah Cursed Canaan Instead of Ham: A New Approach to an Old Problem

Publishing History:
1957  Doorway paper No. 55, published privately by Arthur C. Custance
1975  Part III in Noah’s Three Sons: Human History in Three Dimensions, vol.1 in The Doorway Papers Series,
1997  Arthur Custance Online Library (html)
2001  2nd Online Edition (corrections, design revisions)



    THIS next paper is very short. Yet there are some points of importance to consider in the light of it.

     It shows how necessary it sometimes is to be able to escape one’s own culture and enter into the spirit of another culture that is structured differently, in order to see the real motives which lie behind even our own judgments at times.

     It also shows that the great figures of old, heroic though they may seem to have been, were very ordinary mortals really! This assumes, of course, that our interpretation is correct.

     Another lesson is that each correction of some fundamental untruth is itself in time distorted until it too becomes untrue.

     And finally, it demonstrates how wonderfully Scripture holds together with an inner concordance that still renders it its own best interpreter.