This volume contains five Papers selected from a series of sixty published by the author under the general title DOORWAY PAPERS, over a period of some fifteen years from 1957 to 1973.

The first Paper sets forth the basic concept that from the three sons of Noah have arisen three divisions of the human race which, even at this time, can still be sorted out and identified with a measure of certainty. Furthermore, each branch has made a unique contribution in the course of human history, a contribution for which each seems to have been divinely prepared. The second Paper is a somewhat detailed analysis of the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, to establish the validity of this threefold division. The third Paper is a very short treatment of a problem passage in Genesis 9 which has a direct bearing on the theme of this volume. The fourth Paper is a very fully documented validation of a particular claim made for one branch of the race which, at first sight, must seem to be totally without foundation, but upon more careful analysis turns out to be the most easily established of all. And the final Paper is an exploration of the broader implications of the thesis, with some thought given to the underlying causes (linguistic, cultural, etc.) that have led each branch to continue making its unique contribution throughout history.

It should be borne in mind by the reader that each of these papers was originally published separately and therefore there is some repetition.

It is tempting to ignore the notes except to establish a source of information for a particularly interesting piece of information. But the notes in this volume, totalling more than seven hundred, are something more than merely a bibliography. They are a reservoir of further ideas which bear upon the papers, but which — had they been introduced into the text itself — would have disrupted the immediate flow of thought. If the Papers are read through without referring to the call numbers, I believe it will still pay the reader to glance at the notes at the foot of each page.

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