Early man, we are told, may have had a fair measure of animal cunning � otherwise he would not have survived. But of the kind of intelligence we associate with inventiveness and advancement of culture, he can have had very little. For one thing, his brute features and small cranial capacity are taken as evidence of low mentality: he looked idiotic and therefore was idiotic. For another thing, the extreme simplicity of his tools and artifacts is indication of a low IQ.
But is intelligence to be measured by looks and by standard of living? Only if evolutionary “progress” from simple to complex, from animal to human, is assumed as fact. This Paper discusses what criteria establishes intelligence, what it is that makes man human � and presents evidence that proves Stone Age man to be quite intelligent.
The biblical picture of early man which shows him from the very beginning as not one bit less intelligent than ourselves,] may, after all, be the true one.


Chapter 1. The Intelligence of Early Man
Chapter 2. Are Intelligent People Inventive?
Chapter 3. The Intelligence of Our Contemporary Ancestors
Chapter 4. Intelligence as Judged by Facial and Head Forms