It is assumed that a human fossil skull which has wide jaws, a simian shelf, thick brow ridges, a sloping forehead and small cranium must be proof of descent from apes and must be ancient. But the fact is that instead of a nicely ordered series of fossils from primitive to modern types, we find reversals in which modern types precede primitive ones and ape-like ones are found in the very latest geological strata! This makes modern man older than his forebears which is ridiculous: but only if we insist that the primitive types are his forebears.
Actually morphology (shape, structure) tells us far more about the environment and living habits than about ancestry and age. This Paper is about the effects which climate, diet, no cutlery, hormonal imbalance, disease, hardship and isolation have upon the shape of a skull.
Then how do we explain the confusing picture of fossil remains? It may be that these fossils are waifs and strays who perished in the isolation and hardships encountered.
These fossil remains do not challenge but rather find their explanation in the biblical record of the early history of man.