Every dog is allowed one bite. And every man should be allowed one pet theory which is ‘way out.’ This is mine.
It represents a certain amount of thinking upon a subject over a period of thirty years and a quite considerable amount of literary research. To me, it appears rather satisfying as an account of what may have occurred in global history leading up to the chaotic state of affairs which seems to be indicated by the wording of Genesis 1:2. Certain passages of Scripture look as though they were specifically designed to support this thesis, the wording of these passages acquiring a new light in the context of my reconstruction. And there is plenty of incidental evidence to be derived from a study of well recognized authorities in a number of related fields. This would seem to clinch the matter—but for one disastrous fact, namely, the timing of the event. No one in his right mind with a reputation to preserve as a geologist would accept my chronology, and yet for all this, I think the evidence is strongly in my favour!
The events described have to do with the passing of an old world in a catastrophic event which resulted in the emergence of a new and entirely different kind of world—the world we now know, and as a by-product of this catastrophe, the “birth” of the moon.
At least it is food for thought and fuel for the imagination.