EBOOK – PDF – Vol. VI The Doorway Paper Series: Time and Eternity, And other Bible themes related to science

EBOOK – PDF – Vol. VI The Doorway Paper Series: Time and Eternity, And other Bible themes related to science


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In Volume VI, Custance touches on a number of topics showing how one Spirit has clearly directed, supervised and inspired the writing of Scripture throughout.

In PART I, he describes how time has no meaning or existence apart from the physical universe. Time viewed subjectively is relative: it slows in suffering but speeds by in joy. This bears on what happened on the Cross during three hours of darkness.

In PART II, he shows how three symbols: the vine, fig tree, and olive tree, represent Israel’s history from three perspectives: the national, the religious, and the spiritual.

In PART III, his analysis of Genesis 1 indicates the presence of a gap of time between verses 1 and 2. This gap may represent a hiatus between what the world had been prior to becoming ‘without form and void,’ and before the creation week.

In PART IV, Custance considers the vital distinction between fruits and works, between justification (of actions) and forgiveness (of motives), between the wishes and the intentions of God, and the basis of God’s judgment of human behaviour.

In PART V, he looks at what happened at the Tower of Babel and considers the evidence for a sudden break-up of a universal language, and the nature of this ‘confusion’.

In PART VI, Custance notes that it is obvious that Cain married his sister for Eve became the mother of all living. He notes how beautifully consistent Scripture is, both with itself and with the latest research into the genetics of in-breeding.

The first edition can be read online at https://custance.org/Library/Volume6/index.html

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