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Appendix I
(See Part I, Chapter 3)

Tabulation Of Supercentenarians


Explanatory Notes:

          (1) The data are not listed alphabetically but serially with increasing age.

          (2) The data come from a great number of different sources, many of which are only newspaper reports. Such data are not always reliable and a certain amount of skepticism is proper in assessing them.

          (3) The original sources often contained considerable information of general interest and some of this has been included where it seemed of importance.

          (4) It will be noted that certain areas of the world appear to favour longevity to an exceptional degree notably Abkhazia (an eastern border of the Black Sea in the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic), Hunza (in the Karakoram Range of Kashmir, Pakistan), and in Vilcabamba (southern Ecuador, South America).

          (5) It may seem that most of these supercentenarians are of non-white origin, but this is not the case. The people of Vilcabamba are almost certainly old Spanish stock.

          (6) It should be borne in mind that the absence of written records such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc., is not necessarily a reason for doubting the general validity of the data. Where a people do not have such records they are apt to be habitually more adept at remembering such things. It is essential for any

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culture to know the relationships of its members to one another since these relationships determine rights and privileges and responsibilities, and form the basis for many small but highly significant forms of social interaction and courtesies. Patterns of behaviour in all non-literate societies are almost wholly built up on age relationships, in ways that are sometimes exceedingly precise. Australian aborigines recognize 70 to 80 different degrees of relationship and have specific terms for them which are entirely foreign to Indo-Europeans. This network of remembered past fact and acknowledged present relationship serves as an excellent frame of reference in which to check out ages: and where this has been done, considerable confidence in the general correctness of the ages claimed has resulted.

          (7) Whatever may be a critical reader's reaction to some of the entries, the data as a whole surely demonstrates that there must have been in the past and still are today many people who attain ages which to the purely skeptical mind are quite beyond reason; yet they cannot all be seriously questioned. We ought not to assume, as we read how easily the scientific community can be misled by forged data from within its own camp (Haeckel's forged diagrams, Dawson's Piltdown Man, Kammerer's frogs, and so forth), that Western man has a monopoly on accurate reporting or recollection of past events.
     We need only a few authenticated cases to show that, even today, man can indeed live well past the century mark without becoming a mere vegetable. We really have no hard evidence that men might not formerly have lived far longer. Why should we suppose that the Chinese, whose technology was far advanced above ours in Europe when we in England were dressed in sacking and they were dressing in silk, were more credulous than we are today?

          (8) Finally, we have not included "mere" centenarians, for they are even now far too numerous to allow space for them. According to Elinor Langer, there were in the United States alone, in 1963 over 10,000 of them ["Growing Old in America," Science, vol.140:1963, p.471]

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     The tabulation which follows is drawn from many sources of varying value. In a number of cases documentation is very incomplete. In column five, in the interest of saving space, data derived from books is documented only by author, date, and page. The bibliography below gives the rest of the documentation as far as it has been possible to gather it. The volumes are listed by author, alphabetically.

Acsadi, Gy. and J. Nemeskeri, History of Human Life-Span and Mortality, Budapest, Akademiai Kiado, 1970.

Airola, Paavo, Are You Confused?, Arizona, Health Plus, 1971.
                     Rejuvenation Secrets Around the World, Arizona, Health Plus, 1974.

Baily, T., Records of Longevity, London, 1857.

Dublin L. I., Length of Life: A Study of the Life Table, New York, Ronald Press, 1949, revised edition.

Gould, George M. and Walter L. Pyle, Anomalies and Curiosities of Medicine, New York, Julian Press, 6th printing, 1966.

Gris, Henry and Milton Merlin, "May You Live to be 200," A Study of the Centenarians of Russian Georgia, London, Barnes &             Co., 1978.

Halsell, Grace, Los Viejos, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Rodale Press, 1976.

Hufeland, C. W., The Art of Prolonging Life, edited by E. Wilson, Philadelphia, 1870.

Humboldt, Baron von F. H. A., Political Essay on New Spain, 1807, vol.1.

Marston, Sir Charles, The Bible Comes Alive, London, Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1937.

Prichard, James C., Researches into the Physical History of Mankind, London, Houlston and Stoneman, 1836, 5 vols.

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         NAME                     AGE           COUNTRY                           BIOGRAPHY                                          SOURCE

 Maude Tull 103 in 1975  Los Angeles
 Learned to drive after husband's death in 1965, given licence again this year. Works full time at a home mortgage company San Francisco Chronicle,
  3 May, 1975, p.8.
 Leonor Cartujana 103 in 1976  Vilcabamba   Knows much about medicinal herbs. Attributes good eyesight to plants  G. Halsell, p.158.
 Anna Schwab 104 in 1972  Ohio, USA   Reads Bible daily, knits and sews, hearing not so good, but mind keen.  Good News Broadcaster
(USA), July-Aug., 1972.
 John Walker 104 in 1969   Port Arthur
Ont., Canada
Acknowledged his birthday greetings with typed letters "unable to have usual open house on account of daughter's illness"! Photograph shows a young looking man.   The Bulletin (Can.),
       May, 1969.
 Micaela Quezada 104 in 1976  Vilcabamba  Never married.  G. Halsell, p.9.
 FrancesJohnson 107, died
Sept.8, 1832
 Jamaica A Samboo slave, "retaining all her faculties to the last".  Gent's Mag.,Supplement, 
   Eng., Dec., 1832
 Robert Thomas  107, d.1821 Fairfax Co.,
  Morning Herald, Eng., 
   2 June, 1823.
 Emma E. Mills 108 in 1973   Toronto, Can.  Has never been ill and never missed a meal in her life. Toronto Star, 25 Jan., 1973. 
 Mary Holoboff  108, d.1942 British Columbia, Can.  A Doukhobor, emigrated ffom Russia in 1842. She has 103 descendants. Toronto Evening Telegram, 26 April, 1942 
 Thomas Robinson  110, died Jan. 6, 1970  Windsor, Ont.
Died the day before his birthday.  Toronto Evening Telegram, 6 Jan., 1970 
 Elizabeth Lambe  110, died Sept., 1830   St. Helena
West Indies
 In 1731 was housekeeper for General Pike. Married 8 times. "She died in full persuasion that the Millenium will happen in 1836, and that the charter will be renewed to the East India Company".  The Times, London,
      8 Sept., 1831.

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         NAME       AGE   COUNTRY                      BIOGRAPHY           SOURCE
 Artana Shlarba  110 in 1966      Georgia
 Picture ehows him in riding garb with gunpowder cartridge on chest.  Life, 16 Sept., 1966,
 Jim Ho 111 in 1976 Princc Edward Island, Canada  Born in Canton,China, in 1865. Camc to Canada at the turn of the century. Laundryman and chef for CPR. Attributes long life to Chinese food, likes cigarettes and liquor.  Rccordcr & Times,   Brockville, Canada,
   13 Nov., 1976, p.1.
 Spencer Church  111 in 1961  Ontario, Can  Chopped wood when 110.  ltcm on CBC New.,
   17 Feb., 1961.
 Ada Roe  I I I, died
Jan.11, 1970
  England  British birth certificate verified.  Ncw Scientist,
  1 Feb., 1973, p.237.
 John Turner  111, died
 England  British birth certificate vcrified  Ncw Scicntist,
   I Feb.,1973, p.237.
 Luceja  112  Rome  An early Roman actress who performed for a whole century and cven madc a public appearance when 112.  Gould & Pyle, p.377,
 Mittebtedt 112 died 1792  Prussia  In 68 years of army service, participated in 17 engagements, braved numerous dangers, was wounded many times, and a prisoner of the Russians. After a turbulent life, he married a third wife at 110. Until shortly before his death, he walked 2 miles every month to the pension office.  Baily, 1857.
 Ccsar Paul 112 in 1975     Ontario,
A Cree Indian. Married twice with 6 children. In good health, smokes a pipe, a hockey fan.    Recordcr & Times, Brockville, Ontario,
15 April,1975, p.l6.
Gabriel Sanchcz   113 in 1976  Vilcabamba  Goes up thc mountain at dawn every day and works all day in his plot.  Hasell, p.45,71-76.
 Francis Hongo  113, d.1702  Vcnice   Father of 49 children, married 5 tmes. Toronto Evening        Telcgram
     26 April, 1942. 

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         NAME       AGE    COUNTRY                      BIOGRAPHY              Source
 Arma Darendonian  113, d. l972        France Emigrated from Arrnenia in 1924. Attributed long life to the nuts and honey she ate as a young woman.  Toronto Globe & Mail,
     5 Dec., 1972
 Annie Firlotte 113 on July 15,1954  New Brunswick
Until that winter, she walked several hundred yards every day to the grocery store. Has never been to a dentist, has her teeth. Memory is crystal clear, speaks both French and English, does not read or write, listens to the radio.   Toronto Evening Telegram,17 April,1954
 Amina Orujeva   114 in Mar.,
 Celebrating their 101st wedding anniversary!  Toronto Evening Telegram,15 Mar.,1967
 Zibeida Sheidayeva  114 in 1974     Azerbaijan,
 After 100 years as a worker in a rug factory, was awarded the Red Banner of Labour. She ties 7000 knots a .day, makes a rug in 20 to 25 days. Toronto Evening Telegram, October, 1974
 Teb Sharmat  115 in 1966      Abkhasia
  A singer-raconteur, member of a 50 voice choir of centenarians.  Life, 16 Sept., 1966,      p.126.
 Murtee Johnny  115, d.1976     Australia   An aboriginal rancher.  Recorder & T'mes, Brockville, Canada.
18 Sept.,1976, p.10.
 Walter Williams  117, died
 Houston Texas,       USA  Last survivor of the Civil War   ILL London News,
  2 Jan.,1960, p.27
 Mary Mills  118, d. l 805  West Indies  "Passed away peacefully"; 295 descendants attended the funeral.  Toronto Evening Telegram, 26 Apr,1942.
Mr. C. Cotterel    120, d.1760?  Philadelphia
 His wife was aged 115 at her death. They were married 98 years. Benjamin Martin's Miscell.Correspondence in Prose & Verse,
Jan., 1761. 
 Jane Morgan  120, d.1830  Jamaica  A negro woman belonging to George Crawford Ricketts, Esq., Attorney-general of the Island. Gent's Mag., England 
March, 1831.
 Mary Goodsall  120, d. l 820  Jamaica  Black lady  Blackwood 's Mag., England, 18 Jan.,1822.

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        NAME      AGE   COUNTRY                   BIOGRAPHY            SOURCE
Mrs. Gray   121, d.1770  Kent, England   A deaf mute, noted for her cheerful disposition and manifest enjoyment of life  Gould & Pyle, p.377.
 Charles Layne  121, d.1821  Virginia, USA Left a widower aged 110 years. A numerous & reputable family to the fourth generation. London Mag., Aug.,1821.
 Sabir Kurbonadadov  122 in 1973 Tajik Republic
 Oldest dweller in the Andarob village. Health Mag., Spring,     1973, p.16. 
Rev. Toby Crosby  122 d.1976  Florida USA  Born of slave parents. In 1932 built a church. Sight and hearing impaired;preached and travelled two weeks prior to his death. Christianity Today, June
18, 1976, p.31.
John Gilley   123 d.1813 Maine USA  Born in Ireland, came to Maine at age of 60. Remained single till 75 when he married a girl of 18 and they had 8 children. She survived him, stating he was virile till 120.   Boston Medical Journal
1869, p.432.
 Noah Raby  123, d. l895  New Jersey
  Discharged from the "Brandywine", USN, 83 years ago (in 1812).  New York Herald,
    21 April, 1895
 Demetrius Liondos  123 in 1970   Greece  Walked erectly and easily. Until a few years ago had walked over a long difficult road for his monthly cheque. He was thin, bony hands, sallow skin and his long beard grey, his hearing poor but eyesight quite good.  Christianity Today,
      5 June, 1970.
 Thomas Wishart  124, d. l 760  Dumfries
He had chewed tobacco 117 years! When a child, his father gave him tobacco to allay hunger while shepherding in the mountains.   Gould & Pyle, p.377.
 Francisco Rubio  124 d.1943   Mexico   A few days before his death played pool. Survived by 23 children, all born of his second marriage. Toronto Evening Telegram, 1943.
 Attila  124 d.453?   Germany King of the Huns, and nicknamed "Scourge of God". Ruled over Vandals andOstrogoths.  Prichard, p. l 21.

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 Anton Pilia  124 in 1966  Azerbiajan
 Tends his orchard regularly  Recorder & Times, Brockville, Canada,
   15 July, 1966, p. l.
 Sylvester Magee  126 in May,
  A former slave. His eyes bright and alert, his face marvellously expressive; until four years ago still worked in the cotton fields.  Time, 14July, 1967, p.50;
Toronto Globe & Mail,
    30 May, 1967, p.8.
 Mary, wife of
      Joseph Yates
 127, d.1776  England  At 92 married a third husband; at 110 had walked into London from Lizard Commons; and at 120 was strong and hearty.  Gould& Pyle, p.377.
 Miguel Carpio  127 in 1976  Vilcabama  Still has nearly all his black hair, is over 6 feet tall;hoes in his garden. Says his long and full life is due to "destiny".   New Scientist, 1 Feb.,    1973, p.237; and
Halsell, p.32.
 Eglebert Hoff 128, d. l764  New York
 Was a lad driving a team in Norway when Charles I was beheaded. Never used glasses, read fluently, retained his memory and his senses till his death which was due to an accident.  Gould & Pyle, p.377.
 Margaret Darby 130 d. April 
    6 182l
   Jamaica  A free black woman: died with all her faculties to the last  Blackwood's Mag.,    England, July, 182l.
 Francis Peat  130, d. Nov.
   Jamaica  Black slave, leaving many descendants to the fourth generation.  Gent's Mag., England,      April, 1831
 Ramonotowane Seran  130. d.1945 Bechuanaland
   The Times, London,
   31 Aug& 5 Sept., 1945.
 Bahkishi Orujeva  130 on Mar., 1967  Azerbiajan
 Married at 30, celebrating 101 years of married life. In good health. Toronto Evening Telegram, 15 Mar., 1967.
 Ephriam Zithundu
 130 d.1975  South Africa  Member of the Zulu royal family  San Francisco Chronicle,
    6 Feb., 1975, p.19.
 Peter Garden  13l d.1775  Edinburgh  Lived during 8 reigns. Was of gigantic stature and retained his health and faculties to the last hour. He was 26 years old when Henry Jenkins (died at 169) related to him the Battle of Flodden in 1513 where he was present. Incredible that he could thus say he had heard an eye witness report of an event occurring 260 years ago! Toronto Evening Telegram,  26 April, 1942

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       NAME      AGE   COUNTRY                         BIOGRAPHY           SOURCE
Mathayo Achungo   132, d.1976   Kenya, Africa    San Francisco Chronicle,
    4 Dec., 1976, p.9.
 Gabriel Erazo  132 in1976  Vilcabamba  A romantic poet who laughs easily  Halsell, p. l9
 Charlie Smith  133 in 1976 Florida, USA   Born in Africa, brought to States as a slave at 12. Worked steadily picking fruit until 113. In 1976 he received an honorary diploma from Polk County School System, though had little formal schooling. Time, 14 July, l967;
Toronto Star, 19 Sept. & 2 Oct., 1972;13 May, 1976.
 Henry Francisco  134, d.1820   New York,       USA  Present at Queen Anne's coronation (1702).  Baldwin's London Mag,,
   Jan., 182l.
 Beim Mekraliyeva  134 in 1966  Azerbaijan
 Chief baby sitter for her village  Recorder & Times,
Brockville, 15 July,1966.
Anton Pilya   135 d.1965   Georgia
  Member of the village council till his death. At 135 married a woman of 27; died of a stroke 5 months later.  Sunday Times, (London),
     3 April, 1966.
 Nicholas Petours 137, d.1775?   Germany  Canon of Cathedral of Constance, always healthy and vigorous, celebrated mass 5 days before his death.  Gould & Pyle, p.378.
 Juan Moroygota  138 in 1828   Columbia
  At this advanced age enjoying perfect health and working every day as an agricultural labourer.  Gazeta de Columbia, S.A.
      28 Nov., 1828.
 Gentleman 140 in 1838   South America Was a witness in a trial held in 1838 � recorded as born the night of an earthquake destroying Ambato, in 1698.  Gould & Pyle, p.376.

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          NAME      AGE  COUNTRY                       BIOGRAPHY  SOURCE
 William Hotchkiss
140, d. 1895  St. Louis
  Known as the "colour doctor" because of his black patients.  Nat. Pop. Review,
     Aug., 1895
 Khfaf Lazuria 140, d. 1975  Azerbaijan
In 1965 picked a ton of tea leaves; when over 100 held the record as the fastest tea leaf picker. Retired in 1970. Had smoked for over 100 years and still rolled her cigarettes herself. Preferred vodka to tea. Still had her own upper teeth. Only 4 feet 2 inches tall, with a marvellous smile, known as "coquette of the Caucasus".   Life, 16 Sept., 1966, p.124; 
Reader's Digest, May,1973, p.55,
Toronto Star, 8 Nov., 1974
Gris and Merlin, p.l67-l83.
 Medzhig Agagev  140 in 1976  Azerbaijan
 Still hale and hearty, active in the local council.   San Francisco Chronicle,     2l Jan., 1976, p.13.
 Jose David  142 in 1973  Vilcabama  He is neither feeble nor bedridden but cultivates his patch of soil daily. New Scientist, l Feb., 1973,
Toronto Star, 28 Feb,1973.
 Hilario Pari  143, d. circa
 Lima, Peru
 This old Peruvian went, at the age of 130, from 3 to 4 miles daily on foot.  Humboldt. 1807.
The Countess of 
 145, d. 1619  England  Mentioned by Raleigh and Bacon. She appeared in court in 1614, being 140, in full possession of her powers, physical and mental. Several portraits of her at this advanced age were then known.  Gould & Pyle, p. 375.
 Joseph Bam  146, d. 182l  Jamaica  Black man, belonging to the estate of Morice Hall Gent's Mag, Eng, Dec, l83l
 Bridget Devine  147, d. 1845   England A well-known inhabitant of Oleon St.,Manchester.  Baily, 1857.
 Catherine Hiatt  150, d. 1831  Jamaica   Creole woman belonging to Hon. Capt. John Hiatt. Retained all her faculties to the last moment, did coarse needlework shortly before her death.  Gent's Mag., Eng., Dec.,
 Unnamed Lady 150, d. 1894   France   Died peacefully in the hamlet of Haute Garonne, subsisting during the closing decade of her life on goat's milk and cheese. She preserved all her mental faculties to the last but her body became attenuated to an extraordinary degree; her skin was like parchment.  London Telegraph, Oct.,

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        NAME      AGE  COUNTRY                        BIOGRAPHY          SOURCE
Christen Jacobsen  150, d.1772  Drakenberg
A sailor for 91 years, fought in the war against the Swedes, then became a merchant seaman. In1694 taken prisoner by Algerian pirates but set free after15 years of slavery, and resumed his life as a seaman.In 1737, at the age of 110, he married a widow of 60 years. Known as 'the old man of the north'. 

 Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.17;

Dublin, 1949

Mahmoud Nivazov   150 in 1959  Azerbaijan  "Living among his 173 descendants". Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.17.
Judith Crawford   15l, d.1829  Jamaica   Retained her bodily strength and faculties until within a few days of her death. Gent's Mag, England, 
     April, 1830.
 G. Stanley 151, d.1719   Wiltshire
 Black marble monument to him in the chancel of Honington Church.  Gould & Pyle, p.375.
 Thomas Parr  152 d.1635  England  At the age of 130 was an active farmer, did not marry till 80, then again at 120. Presented to King Charles I in 1635. The excitement of the joumey to London brought on his death-its immediate cause was over- eating. He was autopsied by Harvey who found the
"internal organs in a perfect state; his cartilages werenot even ossified".

Toronto Evening Telegram, 9 Sept., 1939; 26 April, 1942.

Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.17.

Gould & Pyle, p.373.

 Thomas Newman  153, d.1542  England  Data confirmed by his Yorkshire monument. Gould & Pyle, p.375 
 Asmar Salakhova  154 in 1966    Soviet  Ammenia  Spins wool yet.  Recorder & Times, Brockville, 15 July, 1966.
 Iwan Yorath  156, d. l 621  Wales    Marston, p.54
    Sampson  Skakoragaro  158 in 1969  Tanzania
In that year, had a successful cataract operation and "was in high spirits and talkative". He had fathered his youngest son at 136. Married in 1934 at age 123 with sons bom in 1935, 1941, and 1945 � the two eldest are teachers and the youngest a tailor. He has had three wives and 16 children. He himself was the eldest of 58 sons. His father lived to 123 years, had 39 wives, and 45 daughters.  San Francisco Chronicle,
2l Jan., 1969, p.15.

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        NAME      AGE   COUNTRY                      BIOGRAPHY           SOURCE
 Robert Lynch  160, d.1830    Jamaica   "Property" of Sir Edward Hyde East, "a slave in comfortable circumstances". Gent's Mag., England,
    June, 1831, supplement.
 Joseph Surrington   died at 160    Norway   He had, living at the same time, a son of 103 and a son of 9 years.  Hufeland, 1870.
 Zaro Aga  164, d.1932     USA  A Turk who worked as a porter in Constantinople where his strength (at age 160) so impressed an American that he arranged for him to tour the States. Aga did so for two years but then died from eating meat. News Review, 22 Dec.,1938,
under Medicine; probably
from Edmond Szekely's book, Medicine Tomorrow,
tr. P. Weaver, Daniel, Lon.
1938 (?).
Sarah Desson Rovin  164, d.1741    England  Wife of John Rovin, 172 years old.   Prichard, p.12l;
Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.16.
 Jonas Warren  167, d.1787    Balydole
  Called the "father of fishermen" for he followed his trade for 95 years.  Gould & Pyle, p.374.
 Shirali Mislimov  168, d.1973   Azerbaijan
  On his birthday (l971) he rose at dawn to do his daily chores in the garden and orchard. Among his well-wishers were doctors who gave him his annual physical and judged his health perfect. He has never been ill, .
though forced to give up riding horseback recently. At 160 he journeyed to the capital city (his first visit). There a doctor recorded his pulse at 72 and blood pressure at 120/75 � but then this was after a threestorey climb! He neither smoked or drank. Survived by his third wife, 107 years old, 2l9 other family members, including a grandchild aged 100 years.
Toronto Evening Telegram,
20 May, 1971; Ottawa Citizen, 13 Feb., 1967, p.18;
Life, 16 Sept.,1966, p.121;
Gris & Merlin, p.88-115;
Time, 17 Sept., 1973.
 Ali Ashraf Husseini  168 in 1976       Iran  Today married his thirteenth wife, a fifteen year old.  San Francisco Chronicle,
   23 Dec., 1976, p.9.

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      NAME       AGE   COUNTRY                           BIOGRAPHY          SOURCE
 Javier Pereira  169, d.1958    Columbia
  Only 4'4" tall, weighed 75 pounds. Taken to New York Hospital � Cornell Medical Centre in 1956. At that time he had all his hair without any gray, teeth were all gone, skin like old brown wrinkled leather, eyes cloudy but still serviceable, hands arthritic but a powerful hand-shake firm and surprisingly youthful. Arteries showed
no signs at all of deterioration. His endurance and feats were remarkable � like standing on one leg and pirouetting without losing his balance, walking three blocks and climbing two flights of stairs without losing his breath.He had no immediate relatives (though married 5 times), his last grandchild had died 15 years ago at age 85 years. He was known by oldsters in his own village when they were in their teens as the "old Indian who liked to dance".
Toronto Star Weekly Mag.,15 Dec.,1956, p.2f Death notice appeared in
Time, 14 April, 1958, p.88.
 Henry Jenkins  169, d.1670    England  Present at the Battle of Flodden (1513) at age of 12. When over 100 he was still an excellent swimmer.  Gould & Pyle, p.373
 John Rovin  172, d.1741    England  He and his wife Sarah were married 147 years. Prichard, p.12l; 
Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.l6.
John Gower   died at 172    England His wife, Susan, lived to be 164 and, at the time of this report, their eldest son was 115.  Lejoucourt, "Galerie des
 Jean Korin died at 172   Hungary  His wife died at 164 had lived together 148 years. At the time of their death a son was 116.  Gould & Pyle, p.373.
 A Negress  174 in 1775 South America   This was reported by a witness who attested to the veracity of her age by events she recounted. Reported in Journal de Madrid, 1775.
 Baba Harainsingh  176 in 1952      India  He had grown a complete set of teeth, the previous ones having fallen out when he was about 100 in the 1870s, his gray hair was also turning black again.  Toronto Daily Star,
     15 Dec. 1952
 Elizabeth Yorath  177 d 1668    England  According to parish records.  Marston, p.54.

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 Kentigren 185, d.5 Jan.
   600 A.D.
 Scotland  Founder of Glasgow Abbey  Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.16
 Peter Torton 185, d.1724  England    Prichard, p.121.
Petratsh Zartan 
(Setrasch Czartan)
187 d.1724  Hungary  A few days before his death he walked a mile. Shortly before his death a Count Wallis had his portrait painted. When he died he was more than10 years older than Abraham and 35 years older than "old Thomas Parr".

 Acsadi & Nemeskeri, p.16

Baily, 1857.

 Gentleman  died at 192  Vera Cruz
  In a town of Teluca where registers are "carefully and efficiently kept". Practical Medicine,
New York, 1895.
 Gentleman  died at 207  England More than one such case is reported in Sammlung von Natur-geschichte und Medizin-geschichte, Breslau,1724, p.636.  Gould & Pyle, p.375.
 Li Chang Yun  256 d. May
Szechun Prov.
  At the age of 100 he was awarded by the Chinese Government a special Honor Citation for extraordinary services to his country. This document is available in existing archives. It is reported that he gave a series of 28 lectures
at the University of Sinkiang when he was over 200 years.old. He attributed his longevity to his life-long vegetarian diet and regular use of rejuvenating herbs plus "inward calm". A renowned herbalist, he used Fo-ti-tieng and ginseng daily in the form of tea. He enjoyed excellent health, outlived 23 wives, and kept his own natural teeth and hair. Those who saw him at age of 200 testified that he did not appear much older than a man in his fifties.

 Toronto Evening Telegram,
      26 April, 1942.

Airola,197l, p.203.

Airola, 1974, p.79, 80.

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