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The Seed of the Woman




   This book was over 40 years in the writing. Its purpose is not to explore or defend the great fundamentals of the Christian Faith, though these are certainly the recurrent theme � as the Table of Contents will show. The concern of this volume is with the connecting links between these grand Articles of the Faith rather than the Articles themselves.
    It is not to defend it that the Virgin Conception is considered so carefully, but rather in order to see its connectedness with all the other Articles and why it was so necessary to the fabric of the whole Plan of Redemption.
    We are not concerned to prove that Adam was created or Eve formed out of him. We take these facts as given and make them our starting point. What we are concerned to show is that these things just had to happen � not as isolated miracles but as necessary factors in the whole scheme of things. Adam had to be created, Eve had to be formed out of Adam; the forbidden fruit had to have the nature it did; and the penalty of physical death had to be a drawn-out process.
     The seed of the woman had to be separated from the seed of the man and housed in a body that was in a number of critical ways constituted quite differently from Adam's body.
     The ovum (the seed of the woman) had to have a life history quite unlike that of the sperm (the seed of the man) and a quite different constitution.

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     All these things had to take place to make the Plan of Redemption not only physiologically possible but also theologically defensible.
     The cross had to be invented. The Romans did not invent it: they inherited it from the Carthaginians and introduced it into Palestine in time for the working out of a drama that no other vehicle of capital punishment would have made possible. Like all else in God's Plan, crucifixion had to be what it was. Only thus could the Lord Jesus have died as He did � on the cross but not from it. That is the truth of the matter.
     The resurrection of the body of Christ without undergoing any putrefaction was equally essential to God's purpose; and the two bodily forms in which Christ appeared after the resurrection had to be, because they too were requisite.
    The Christian Faith is not merely a series of Articles: it has an essential organic unity that is destroyed and made entirely irrational and logically indefensible (even granted the premise of miracle) if any part of the whole is surrendered.
    This is the theme of The Seed of the Woman.

    In short, no element of the Faith CAN be surrendered if our theology is to remain truly Christian: and no element of the Faith NEED be surrendered if we rightly understand the significance of today's advanced knowledge.
    The implications of this knowledge from research into the nature of the human constitution sheds a fresh light upon, and provides us with a new method for, the exploration of the constitution of man as first created, and so also of the means by which God made possible man's redemption.

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 Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Asbell  Mr. Stanley M. Hoersch
 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Asbell  Dr. John R. Howitt
 Miss Anne Beams  Mr. & Mrs. Glenn I. Kirkland
 Mr. Richard D. Boutros  Mr. & Mrs. Hal J. Lochrie
 Dr. Brian Bull  Mrs. William W. McCall
 Mr. Raymond M. Caldwell  Mrs. Eileen Powers
 Mrs. Elsie Carr  Mr. & Mrs. Everett W. Purcell
 Dr. & Mrs. Elihu Carranza  Mr. & Mrs. Oavid F. Rice
 Mr. F. J. Cottrell  Mr. William E. Rooks
 Mr. & Mrs. Clarence B. Cree  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ryan
 Miss Peggy Foster  Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Searle
 Professor Wayne Frair  Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Smith
 Mr. Gerald L. Gooden  Mr. Cornelius A. van der Gugten
 Mr. & Mrs. C. H. Halvorson  Miss Evelyn White
 Mr. Kenneth F. Hensley  Mr. Eric Jon Thomas
 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Hesselbarth  Mr. Douglas Yowell
       Discovery Foundation Inc., Palo Alto (Dr. Ray C. Stedman)

     While these generous friends made the pubication of this volume possible, they are not to be held responsible in any way for its content. I am sure there are points in the broad sweep of its thesis with which they would individually find themselves in disagreement. But without them it would never have been published and I am deeply grateful for their help, often at considerable sacrifice to themselves.

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Copyright © 1988 Evelyn White. All rights reserved

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