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Vol.2: Genesis and Early Man

Part III


Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  The Intelligence of Early Man
Chapter 2.  Are Intelligent People Inventive?
Chapter 3.  The Intelligence of Our Contemporary Ancestors
Chapter 4.  Intelligence as Judged by Facial and Head Forms


Publishing History:
1967  Doorway paper No. 22, published privately by Arthur C. Custance
1975  Part III in Genesis and Early Man, vol.2 in The Doorway Papers Series, published by Zondervan Publishing Company
1997  Arthur Custance Online Library (html)
2001  2nd Online Edition (corrections, design revisions)


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Definition of Intelligence:
     "Quickness of mental apprehension."
(Oxford English Dictionary)



     THIS ESSAY (bearing its present title) was originally presented in fulfillment of a requirement by the Department of Anthropology in the University of Toronto during one of my courses there. And although, as will be seen from the approach taken, my thesis was anything but favourable towards the evolutionary view adopted without question by the department, when the essay was returned to me it had written across it: "A very excellent and scholarly treatment of the subject." Underneath that, it was marked "A++."
     This circumstance made it seem worthwhile expanding it a little bit though without changing its essential character and presenting it as a Doorway Paper.
     Although there is nothing specifically "Christian" about it, it nevertheless presents evidence that the biblical picture of Early Man which shows him as not one bit less intelligent than ourselves from the beginning may, after all, be the true one.


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Copyright © 1988 Evelyn White. All rights reserved

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