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Part II: Three Trees: and Israel's History



     In view of the fact that Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover their nakedness in the Garden of Eden, we have the assurance that at least this tree was to be found there. In Revelation 22:2, as we have seen, the Tree of Life whose leaves are for the healing of the nation could very well have been the olive; we therefore have some justification for supposing that the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden may likewise be so identified. Two of the three trees of major importance in the story of Eden are thus perhaps identified for us by this mean.
     Might not one expect that the symbolic pattern is rounded out and that the third tree, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the eating of whose fruit brought a kind of nakedness and shame, was none other than the vine? This possibility has been explored quite fully in another Doorway Paper, "The Nature of the Forbidden Fruit," being Part II in The Virgin Birth and the Incarnation, vol.5 in The Doorway Papers Series.


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