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Vol.7: Hidden Things of God's Revelation

Part III:



In contrast:
      How many of these Chaldean prophecies do I remember being repeated to Pompey to Crassus (and to Caesar himself!) according to which not one of these heroes was to die except in old age, in domestic felicity, and in perfect renown: so that I wonder that any living man can yet believe in these impostors, whose predictions they see falsified daily by the facts and results.                                                                                              Cicero, De Divinitate, xlvii



Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  On the Choice of Materials
Chapter 2.  Who Can Prophecy?
Chapter 3.  Prophetic Fulfillments that are Indisputable: Or, A Tale of Two Cities


Publishing History:
1962: Doorway paper No. 13, published privately by Arthur C. Custance
1977: Part III in Hidden Things of God's Revelation, vol.7 in The Doorway Papers Series, Zondervan Publishing Company.
1997: Arthur Custance Online Library (HTML)
2001: 2nd Online Edition (design revisions)


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Fig. 6. The Golden Gate that has been "shut."

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