The Holy Shroud of Turin: a genuine artifact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

The Holy Shroud of Turin: a genuine artifact of the resurrection of Jesus Christ


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From the preface:
“By writing this book, I am setting the record straight on a relic that has been maligned, misunderstood and misconstrued on several levels. This work not only alleviates concerns that a Christian may have about the Shroud, it also makes known the amazing connections between this cloth, touched by our Lord and Saviour, and the truth revealed in Scripture. When I first approached the Shroud in this fashion, I was unexpectedly surprised at the wealth of information it provided. Once you pass the fork in the road and consider that the Holy Shroud is authentic, its impact upon Christian theology is akin to finding a whole new Gospel. It becomes far more than a simple object for veneration. It opens up a new vista to view the human story in relation to our place in eternity.”

“The Holy Shroud of Turin as a genuine artifact of the risen Christ is not only a big idea, but a scientifically grounded and technologically supported truth.” Rob Faw, Florida.

“Dr. Chiang expertly scrutinizes the major scientific and theological aspects of the cloth many believe to be the actual burial cloth of Jesus. He relates his personal story of exposure to the Shroud with many keen insights and how he was able to overcome scientific doubts due to the sheer weight of the evidence. It’s well written and is great reading for beginner and expert alike.” Joseph Marino, Sindonologist, Library Associate, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio.

5.5 x 8 inch paper back format, 224 pages, 9 figures.
ISBN 978-0-919857-93-3