Vol. I, The Doorway Papers Series: Noah’s Three Sons

Vol. I, The Doorway Papers Series: Noah’s Three Sons


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This book combines the information from five Doorway Papers that provide an overview of the world after the Flood, of how the three sons of Noah and their wives re-peopled the world, establishing cultures as they spread over the earth.


The main thesis is based on the Table of Nations in Genesis 10, and proposes that a division of responsibilities to care for the needs of humankind at three fundamental levels—spiritual, physical, and intellectual—was divinely appointed to the three branches of Noah’s family. Dr. Custance provides detailed evidence for the technological genius of Ham, the intellectual character of Japheth, and the spiritual qualities of Shem. These traits can be seen reflected in the races of humans today.


In the last section, Dr. Custance elaborates on his belief that the key to the existence of a universe lies in the fact that God wanted to show forth His love, which the angels have never comprehended, without surrendering that part of His Being which they do comprehend, namely, His holiness.


Doorway Publications, Ancaster, ON, Canada, 314 pp. 8.5×11 spiral bound paper format suitable for studying and making notes. ISBN: 978-0919857-80-3.