Vol. II, The Doorway Papers Series: Genesis and Early Man, Second Edition

Vol. II, The Doorway Papers Series: Genesis and Early Man, Second Edition


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In this volume, Volume II of the Doorway Papers Series, Custance shows that the examination of the fossil evidence of early man, in light of anthropological studies on the present state of ‘primitive cultures,’ is best explained, scientifically, by the existence of a real Adam and  Eve, Noah’s Flood, and the spread of humanity over the earth after the flood.

Many Christians have been taught to accept evolution to explain the remains of human fossils and to ignore the biblical statements which challenge evolution. But by doing so, the established facts of science are also challenged for they do not provide any direct support for the evolution of humans. To provide a better more believable explanation, Custance reexamines the facts associated with human fossils in light of an historical interpretation of Genesis and provides an alternate interpretation which takes into account our early history, culture, and intelligence. He also describes the factors which determine the shape of a skull, the validity of anthropological reconstructions and the origin of language, that unique faculty possessed by humans alone.

When the established facts are fully appreciated, the evidence reinforces confidence that the Genesis account of origins is more historical than it is metaphorical.

The first edition can be read online at https://custance.org/Library/Volume2/index.html

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284 pp, 7×10 inch paper back.

ISBN: 978-0919857-84-1