Vol. VIII, The Doorway Papers Series: Science and Faith, World views past and present

Vol. VIII, The Doorway Papers Series: Science and Faith, World views past and present


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In Volume VIII, Custance takes a careful look at the relationship between Science and Faith showing that the scientific facts clearly support a divine forethought in creation, a forethought to place humankind at the centre of the universe.

In PART I, Custance provides excellent reasons for believing that the world we live in did not happen by accident but by design, and that it owes its uniqueness to the character of the Universe as a whole—as though the Universe was made for us!

In PART II, Custance admits that the Universe does look like Newton’s perfect watch—and cautions how this all pervasive mechanism gives the impression that it exists without divine intervention. Yet Science may tell us how things work, but the natural laws cannot tell us why they work nor their meaning.

In PART III, Custance describes how the Medieval worldview of our significance in the Universe was essentially spiritual, whereas it is essentially technical today. Given that the universe was created for us, a new synthesis is needed which recognizes not only our physical and intellectual dimensions but also our spiritual dimension.

In PART IV, Custance describes an interesting biological mechanism by which the physical attributes of a human population could change in just a few generations based on non-nuclear inheritance. This is called dauermodification, a process which has been primarily ignored. Custance shows how this mechanism could provide us with another means to adapt to the changing conditions brought on by the Fall.

The first edition can be read online at https://custance.org/Library/Volume8/index.html

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