EBOOK – PDF – Mysterious Matter of Mind, Second Edition

EBOOK – PDF – Mysterious Matter of Mind, Second Edition


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In this short book, Custance provides the intriguing evidence that our minds exist separate from the physical and chemical processes in our brains. He describes how notable psychologists and neurosurgeons changed their opinions about the relationship between the Brain and the Mind, and were forced by the scientific evidence to accept the fact that our minds influence our brains and not vice versa.
As Dr. Custance notes, Sir John Eccles (knighted for his pioneering work in the study of nerves) eventually came to realize that mind and brain are clearly distinct. Eccles even ventured to equate the self-conscious mind with an entity called soul.
Christians believe that there exists a level of reality at which our biology interacts with the spiritual world. Jesus provided us with solid evidence of this interaction when he allowed unclean spirits to enter the swine (Mark 5:13). In this book, Custance shows how modern science fully supports the existence of this invisible reality.
This book was commissioned by Probe Ministries, and used as supplemental reading in university level psychology courses.

The first edition can be read online at https://custance.org/Library/MIND/index.html

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