The Seed of the Woman, Third Edition

The Seed of the Woman, Third Edition


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In this book, now into its third edition, Custance links the scientific knowledge of his era to the biblical basis of physical death and the Incarnation. He takes as his starting point the creation of Eve out of Adam, and the Genesis account of original sin. From here, he provides a thought provoking, biologically-based scenario to explain how God could use the seed of the Virgin Mary to make our redemption possible.
Scientific knowledge collected since Custance first published this work in 1980 continues to support his thesis making this book as relevant for today as it was over 35 years ago.
Whether you accept theistic evolution or six-day creation, this book is a “must read” for any serious student of Scripture and Science who desires to understand how human biology made it possible for God, our Creator, to take on a human body and to become Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

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490 pp with several diagrams, 8.5×11 inch paper size, spiral-bound for easier studying.

ISBN: 978-0919857-96-4