EBOOK – PDF – Vol. III The Doorway Paper Series: Man in Adam and in Christ

EBOOK – PDF – Vol. III The Doorway Paper Series: Man in Adam and in Christ


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This book is both an anthropological and a biblical study of man as a child of Adam and as a child of God. It is a study of human nature and how it can and cannot be changed.

Humans suffer from a fatal disease, inflicted by Adam’s fall in the Garden of Eden. To pretend, as evolution does, that human nature has improved or is capable of improvement by natural means is the worst form of deception.

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But humans have possibilities because we were once stamped with something the Scriptures call “the image of God”.

Once this image is restored by an act of re-creation on God’s part, there begins a new work: the formation of a personality pleasing to God. The result is that a person can be an entirely new creation in Jesus Christ.

Christian conversion is unique. While a person does become a new creation in Christ, he/she is still recognizably the same person. Scripture states quite precisely (using specific terms consistently) what part of our personality is untouched and what part is completely displaced. Custance delineates these parts by engaging the research in psychology, genetics, and anthropology to illumine Scripture without changing Scripture what-so-ever.

Custance concludes that the experience of new birth actually has, for the child of God, the real effect of re-constituting the individual as a member of an entirely new species—what Scripture terms the ‘Body of Christ’.

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