PDF – When the Earth was Divided: Doorway Paper #56

PDF – When the Earth was Divided: Doorway Paper #56


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In one of his most popular books, Without Form and Void, Arthur Custance showed how a thorough understanding of the original language of Genesis 1:2 supports a cosmology that includes an unknown length of time between the creation of the physical universe and the Creation Week in Genesis 1. This interpretation indicates that much could have happened to the earth before it became ‘without form and void.’
In Doorway Paper #56, Custance further suggests how the earth’s geology was formed. But this time his evidence was based more on science rather than biblical revelation, and he was far less convinced of its validity. To generate discussion, he posed this insight more as an afterthought than a well-formulated thesis.
Essentially, he describes how the geology of the earth may have been affected by continental drift caused by the loss of material from the earth which created the moon and left a void filled by the Pacific Ocean. He believed this hypothesis was too tentative to be included in the Doorway Papers Series because continental drift was yet to be accepted, and the moon rocks were still being tested.
This paper is now a pleasure to read because of the historical context it was written in. Today, continental drift is considered a scientific fact and the samples of moon rocks have been found to be similar to Earth rocks in several ways. Both conclusions support the intriguing hypothesis presented in this paper.

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