EBOOK – PDF – Vol. VII, The Doorway Papers Series: Hidden Things of God’s Revelation, Amazing insights from Bible facts

EBOOK – PDF – Vol. VII, The Doorway Papers Series: Hidden Things of God’s Revelation, Amazing insights from Bible facts


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The title of Volume VII is appropriately named since Custance, in six divergent studies, identifies insights into God’s interaction with humanity which can remain hidden to the less experienced biblical scholar.

In Part I, Custance points out how the silences of God can be as profound as His revelations, and provides an intriguing explanation for Jesus asking that his miracles remain unpublicized after the Pharisees decided to find ways to destroy Him.

In Part II, Custance shows that the lack of harmony, not the harmony, between the Gospels reinforces the reality of their accounts. These Gospels, written for different people, provide insights that would have been missed in one gospel account.

In Part III, Custance addresses the often misunderstood, but popular, topic of prophecy. He provides unambiguous instances that will help in witnessing to well-educated non-Christians.

In Part IV, Custance counters the notion that archaeology provides little insight into the earliest biblical times. Instead, the more that archaeologists uncover, the more evidence for the historical accuracy, not only of Abraham and Moses, but even further back all the way to Adam.

In Part V, Custance admits that genealogies can be boring, but also notes that genealogical information was pivotal in earlier times, and the often over-looked biblical genealogies still provide information that verifies the reliability of Scripture.

In Part VI, Custance describes linguistic proof of a gap in time between the first two verses in Genesis. This work eventually led to his most popular book, Without Form and Void, described as being the best account of the Gap Theory.

The first edition can be read online at https://custance.org/Library/Volume7/index.html

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