Sovereignty of Grace

Sovereignty of Grace


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“In the very worst period of the great depression in Canada, I found myself in the fall of 1933 in the province of Saskatchewan, which was perhaps the hardest hit of all the provinces. And I found myself in the worst possible position in terms of survival, since I had no resources and no job, and at that time there was no such thing as relief or welfare for transients.”
So wrote Dr. Custance at the beginning of this book to describe how the Lord provided a time and place for him to devote to serious Bible study. The theology he developed from this experience led him to rejoice in Christ, his Lord and Saviour, whose grace is sufficient for all.
This book provides a lucid discussion that begins by tracing the historical development of the doctrine of election and demonstrates that it is explicitly taught in both the Old and New Testament (especially by John and Paul). Beginning with Scripture and extending through Augustine up to the Reformers, there is an unbroken chain in the teaching of predestination.
Custance gives clear, solid definitions of the five points of Calvinism pointing out the inconsistencies in the Arminian position (among others) and the undeniable necessity of the Calvinistic view.

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