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(Reference: p.138)


The Idea of “Coming” in the Verb Hayah



A propos of the observation that the verb   seems to be re-

markably like the English word come. since it can be nicely rendered

by phrases such as "came to pass", "came to be", and, of course,

"be-came", the following passages will be of interest.

Gen.15.1:    "after these things the word of the Lord came to Abra-

ham in a vision".

I Sam. 15.10: "The word of the Lord came to Samuel".

II Sam. 7.4:   "In the same night the word of the Lord came to Nathan

  while he was carrying out the command of the Lord".

I Ki. 18.1:    "the word of the Lord came to Elijah".

II Ki. 20.4:    "the word of the Lord came to (Isaiah)".

Isa. 38.4:     "then the word of the Lord came to Isaiah".

Jer. 36.1:     "this word came to Jeremiah".

It is interesting to observe that in French the word for become

is de-venir.   Moreover, in the same language, the English word

becoming in the sense of being "suitable" or "well be-fitting" is




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