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(Reference: p.41)


Various Renderings of waw, other than and or but.



Gen. 3.1:     "Now the serpent had...."

Gen. 11.4:    "A city with a tower...." (Driver).

Gen. 15.2:    "Seeing I go childless...."

Gen. 18.18:    "Seeing that Abraham...."

Gen. 24.31:   "For I have prepared...."

Josh. 22.17:  "Although there was a plague...."

Job 2.1:      "Again, there was a day when...."

Job 2.11:     "Now when Job's three friends...."

Job 21.22:    "Seeing that he judges...."

Job 22.29:    "When men are cast down...."

Job 27.1:     "Moreover, Job continued...."

Job 34.1:     "Furthermore Elihu answered...."

Psa. 28.3:    "While mischief is in their hearts" (Driver)

Psa. 44.17:   "Yet have we not forgotten thee...."

Psa. 68.9:    "....when it was weary".

Psa. 124.3.4: "Then they had swallowed us up.... then the waters

had overwhelmed us...."

Ezek. 1.1:    "Now it came to pass...."

Zech. 11.5:   ".... because I am rich...."

Zeph. 1.13:   First Waw = therefore: second = and:  third =

                   but: and so forth.




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