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(Reference: p.52)


The Meanings of Hayah according to Various Lexicographers.


(1) Leo's Translation of Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon:

in Kal form means:

1. "to be"

2. "to serve for"

3. "to be with", "party to", "consent to"

4. "to turn into"

5. "to happen", "to come to be"

6. "to succeed"

in Niphal form means:

1. "to cause to be done", "to be done"

2. "to become" in the sense of "to have been done"

3. "to have happened"

4. "to be undone" or "done in"

(2) Tregelles' Translation of Gesenius' Hebrew Lexicon:

in Kal form means:

1. "to be", ie., "to exist"

2. "to belong to"

3. "to be something", ie., "to serve as"

4. "to be about to", "to be going to"

5. "to be with" or "on the side of", "party to"

6. "to become" or "be made"

7. "to come to pass"

8. "to be turned into"

9. "to happen to"

10. "to become like" or "be made like"

in Niphal form means:

1. "to become", "be made into"

2. "to be done", "done with" (ie., past)


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(3) Benjamin Davies' Student's Hebrew Lexicon:

in Kal form means:

1. "to be", whether meaning "to exist" or "to live",

    "be somewhere"

2. "to belong to"

3. "to be for something", "to serve as", or "turn

    out to be"

4. "to belong with", or "be of the party of"

5. "to be over" for protection

6. "to be appointed to"

7. "must needs be"

8. "to be about to"

9. "come into being", or "become"

10. "to behave like"

11. "to belong to"

12. "to come to pass", or "happen"

in Niphal form means:

1. "to be done" or "made"

2. "to become"

3. "to happen"

(4) Brown, Driver, and Briggs: Hebrew and English Lexicon:

     Basic meaning: "to fall out", "come to pass", "become", etc.

in Kal form means:

1. "fall out", "happen"

2. "occur" , "take place", "come about", "come to


3. "arise", "appear", "come"

4. "come upon" (of events)

5. "come upon" (of power)

6. "come upon" (ie. , originate)

7. "turn out to be"

8. "become like"

9. "be constituted as"

10. "turn into"

11. "take the place of" (ie., "be for")

12. "come to belong to"

13. "exist", "be in existence"

14. "abide", "be with", "remain", "continue"

15. "beat" (ie., situated), "stand", "lie"


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 16. "amount to", "be equal to"

17. "accompany"

18. "to be in the company of"

19. with a participle = continuing state

20. "be about to" (ie., sun about to go down)

21. "to be"

in Niphal form means:

1. "to become"

2. "to be done"

3. "to be realized", "finished", "gone"

4. "to be done" (ie., exhausted)





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